Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Surprise

I had a simple day planned. Get up, have breakfast, shower, go to work and drive vehicle to the Ford dealership and meet Richard for lunch. I was interrupted just when I got out of the shower. I find Weebles munchin away on Hot Shots Ant Bait.

No worries because it's well within the safe range. However, I wasn't positive of this until well after I was supposed to leave so 20ml of peroxide and 20 minutes later he vomited his breakfast. (seemed like it took forever) and all was well. Now I guess he didn't really have to vomit  but I wasn't positive so better safe than sorry. Now after a couple hours he's had a snack and won't remember that the reason he had to be sick was because he ate something he shouldn't. It's a good thing he's really cute. :)

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