Friday, April 8, 2011

Furry Friend Friday

This friday is dedicated to my good friend Gracie. (I promise fridays will not always be about my personal animals) What Gracie may lack in training she certainly makes up for in support. Her loving eyes are so expressive and are always a comfort if you're feeling sad. She practically has her own language with her different whines mostly associated with carrots or mealtime. And you can always count on her to sleep right next to you all night long so you are never alone.

Why is it though sweet Gracie that you and your sibling Weebles have to teach each other only the bad habits? Can't he teach you thinks like fetch and you teach him things like sit and look pretty? Instead you have taught him to lick people's faces and knees and to bark at nothing and he has in turn shared his hostility towards other dogs and protecting the human food territory against the evil cat intruders. It is so weird to see our sweet gracie growl and chase a cat away while we are eating (although we do not feed her from the table) I guess that's what dogs like to do, share in the habits that drive you crazy but don't have the time to fix.

1 comment:

  1. Love it, girl!

    Totally off topic, visit my Mom's Blogspot site, "Running With Scissors". They're redoing the kitchen, and it's to absolutely die for, especially if you'd seen the plain old all white country farmhouse kitchen where all the drawers fall out when you pull them! I'm sooooo jealous!

    (Plus, she knows a ton (and I literally mean a ton!) of online people, so she may be a good friend to have for further publicity!)