Sunday, April 10, 2011

Top 3 Picks of the Week

I have kinda taken a hiatus this week as I was feeling a little under the weather and frustrated with my lack of accomplishment. So begins a new week and so I have been back to browsing my good friend etsy. Here are my top 3 in no particular order.

This adorable necklace is cute with most any outfit and I'd love to add it to my wardrobe! Who knew crochet could be so awesome!

If I didn't leave everything everywhere I'd totally have this adorable clutch. Maybe it could be a smaller purse in my big purse...

I love the look of this shops silver pieces. Especially the rings, there are some really cute ones with words, just none for me right now, but these are adorable. You should really check it out.

Today was a day of Yoga, food, sleep, and a little crafting. Couldn't be a better day off. Now if the dogs would just clean the house for me I'd be set :)

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