Thursday, March 31, 2011

Whatever happened to...

...the very first hat I knitted in 2003. I made it during finals week sophomore year at JMU. I have been wearing this hat since actually! I have managed not to lose it for once! And until just recently making a Blue hat with a yellow rose I wore it consistently and it has been amazing. I also have managed to keep it clean which is amazing and never really needed to wash it. In fact, it is the picture I use for my etsy profile, me and Richard apple picking and I wore my awesome hat.

As for the first scarf I knitted Richard. That is around here somewhere but was so warn out I made him a new one. I had him pick out the color and everything. I made it to be nice and thick like he wanted. I think he's warn the new one twice! Apparently there's just something about the original. I make myself feel better because he doesn't really wear warm clothing often. In fact, this winter we walked 2 miles home from the dentist in the snow because traffic was so horrible. He was wearing shorts and a long sleeve thin button up shirt (his normal attire) and aside from being wet and not feeling his calves much he said shorts were better than pants because it didn't sit with ice on your legs. I do believe the first scarf I made was softer and I made it when we were first dating before he went on a trip which was in the cold mountains so he got it nice and comfy right away.

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  1. I so get that. Some woolly things just feel lived in right away...