Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 2: This time last year...

As of this time last year I was not able to read patterns, almost at all. I did not really crochet much. I had made several scarves (5 total) and that's about it. I only knew how to single crochet. Since December I have made a huge improvement. I learned to make a simple beanie thanks to the help from my mom!
I then learned how to change colors midway (sorry no picture here). Then I learned what a double-crochet and a triple-crochet were and how to use them to make a wavy edge.
I learned how to make a triangle type edge and how to make a rose.

 I then was able to do a V-stitch hat and a brimmed hat.

I followed a pattern for a bow (thanks to Creative Me for the pattern) and then made one of my own with a button.

I feel like in just a couple months I have come a long way. My next project is to learn how to do granny squares for my new apron (as seen on Tangled Happy's blog). I am looking forward to adding that to my repertoire.

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  1. Hi Carroll. That a whole lot of progress. Thanks for your nice comment at Tangled Happy. I would love to see your finished granny apron. It is worth the effort. Still adoring mine. :)