Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rest in Peace Kodi

Normally Sundays I do a top 3 picks of the week from Etsy. That will have to wait today. I all ready had a Furry Friend Friday about my canine friend Kodi several weeks ago but he passed away yesterday. So once again I'd like to reminisce about the good times I had with him.

He was always a very energetic boston terrier. Always wanting to play and loved attention. At the house I grew up in he was not allowed on the carpet but when friends were over he just could not stand having people not with him. So he would start at the edge of the carpet and slink very low until eventually just his back toes were touching the wood floor. And despite the no carpet rule, I believe my parents let him follow the sun in there when no one was home because he loved to nap in the sun. Kodi and my dad had a very special relationship. I swear they would have conversations back and forth when my dad would tell him to do something he would whine back at him until Kodi caved and listened to my dad. He adjusted well to living in the country when my parents moved. He would hunt frogs and had a route that he would run every morning. He also knew all of the trails and would be able to keep up with you on a 4 wheeler or other vehicle for miles and miles. Taking detours if he needed to chase a squirl. You also had to be careful when fishing as he had been known to jump and steal the fish off the line as you brought it in. He was also fearless. When my dad had shot a beaver but it was still swimming he went out to bring it back. Thankfully his swimming skills were better than we had thought because the beaver did not dive too low with him. Although I don't know if he ever brought the beaver back. All in all I think he had a great life as a dog. He was always loving and excited to see people. Although, since becoming a farm dog he never did smell quite the same. I love you Kodi and you will be missed greatly.

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  1. That was very nice Leslie. You did a great job. Love you