Friday, May 27, 2011

Furry Friend Friday

This weeks furry friend Friday goes to my good friend Weebles. He was rescued from a shelter in southern virginia. The Homeless Animal Rescue Team goes down before the euthanize day at shelters in southern Virginia to adopt all that they can. Often they are young dogs. In walks this little black fuzz ball who was covered in mats from head to tail. He was listed as a girl actually. After several hours of shaving and bathing, it was time for his ear cleaning. I had been with other animals but was available so I volunteered. After cleaning his ears he curled up in my lap before going back in his cage. That is where he got me. We did notice his gait was not correct. He appeared to have neurologic damage. Although we had just moved into a townhouse that allowed pets we were not looking for another dog just yet. The winning talking point was because of they way he walks we could call him Weebles- he wobbles but doesn't fall down.

He is dog aggressive and food aggressive (only around human food) but he isn't he cute? He is obsessed wi his tennis ball and likes to cuddle. And it is kinda sad that he's so scared of thunder. But I am so grateful I was working the night that HART brought him into Caring Hands.

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